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Hope you enjoy the stories as much as we do.



A little while ago we were asked to repair the Steiff Bear belonging to Uri Geller. 'Matsko' was collected from Uri's home and brought back to our workshop for his makeover.

Matsko being collected for his makeover as featured in the Weekly News. Click Here

Uri told us the story of his early experiences with teddy bears.

At the age of 6 months and lying in his pram, Uri's Mother placed him near a window with a bear called 'Matsko' for company. Uri clearly remembers the sound of a shell exploding and glass shattering. During the blast Matsko fell onto Uri's face and protected him.

The present Matsko was the inspiration for the creation of a limited number of bears for Uri.


Matsko is a rare and beautiful large Steiff Teddy Bear c.1909.

He is approximately 100 years old and has a fabulous covering of fur for his age. The famous Steiff button is clearly visible in his left ear. Larger Steiff bears were often made as show items to help sell the smaller sizes of bear.

Matsko's limbs are so big that his wooden joints are held together with large nuts and bolts. His arms and legs were bigger than most average sized teds.

He has the largest and deepest growler we had ever heard and to lift him we had to cuddle him firmly around his chest.

After some weeks of intensive and very careful restoration Matsko was ready to leave us but paused for a last photo before the rain. He is so big that he had a seat to himself and had to be strapped firmly in all the way home.

Sharing secrets along the way....perhaps how to bend spoons!....and finally back home.


A Poem

Please find enclosed a precious Bear
He really is rather worst for the wear
He is a little old so do take care
For he is a little threadbare.
Here and there
And in desperate need of some repair.

He needs to get back some of his flare
And right now he has little to spare
In your hands I know he will fare
Extremely well, as it is for his welfare
you’ll take the time to prepare
and compare.

Eventually he may even dare,
At the end of it all, come out and share
His new found looks and be so debonair
With his restored muzzle and derriere.
Ready to be given to my heirs,
Their hearts to gently ensnare
With an ancient stare
From his armchair,
Humble and soft with a love so rare.

Many Thanks from S.T. (2014)


Wol and Family

Wol arrived at the hospital, travelling by train to Abergavenny and surrounded by his family.

Although obviously unwell, Wol expected to make a a full recovery.

A lovely website, see Wol at



Pooh arrived just over a week ago - he must have got stuck in a snow drift. He is unrecognisable (I wish I had taken a before photo!) and has looked me straight in the eyes for the first time in years. Very many thanks indeed.


Bruno arrived safely this morning and I am absolutely delighted with your 'operations' to make him whole again, if anything he has more character than before with his war or puppy wounds. Now he can once more take his place as a unique family heirloom with an even more interesting story to tell, I should write a book about his adventures!
I cant thank you enough and I know it was not an easy task



Just recieved Grandpa Bear back, he looks amazing... Thank you so very very much.


Thank you for the information on Teddy, it is nice to know some of his past history. 

I would like you to go ahead and repair teddy. I am a member of quite a few teddy bear groups.  My bears have lots of friends around the world and they are all following the story of teddy being a patient at your hospital.


   Teddie Atkinson

Ted's Story

As written by Miss A. Atkinson

I was born at the Chad Valley toy makers sometime in the late 1930’s. I am special as I have a label on my paw saying I am by appointment to H,M, The Queen although it is now difficult to read.

In 1940 I sat on the counter of a Drapers shop in Boston Lincolnshire I was advertising Bear Brand Stockings. One day a Kindly lady came into the shop to make a purchase,
She immediately asks if she could buy me. Unfortunately the owners of the shop said I was not for sale. Undeterred by this
the lady didn’t give up, there was a war going on and handsome bears like me were difficult to find. She eventually managed to buy me and I was taken to my new home.

I came to live with my new owner a little girl nine months old., the persistent lady was her aunt. I had my photograph taken
It would be in October 1940.

Ted's story
In 1942 we had to go into then called a Fever Hospital as my owner developed a nasty infectious disease called Diphtheria, lucky I was on hand as she was not allowed to see her parents for over three months only through the glass.
Before we could go home I had to go into a very frightening machine called an autoclave after that experience I lost my voice and my special label wasn’t so readable.

A lot of years later my owners mother thought she would cover my paws with clean material I have not be the same bear since.

I am hoping the Wellfield Bear hospital will restore me to my handsome self with new paws a new growler and a wash and brush up plus any thing else they think I need.
I am getting on a bit now and my owner is 69yrs old in February

I’m looking forward to my big adventure and to meeting you all in Monmouthshire.

A Big Bear Hug.
Ted xx


Well it is now May 2009 and although am pleased to be back home again I am sorry to have left Janice and all my friends

at Wellfield Bears in the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside with the many birds and rabbits  who I enjoyed watching.

I can’t tell you how good I feel. My paws no longer hurt, I can see so much better and can smell every thing now my nose has been fixed . Everyone says I look so handsome now I have had a good scrub and all my Bear friends are all envious of my lovely white ribbon

I live with a few other bears of different sizes and a very nice duck one or two have a button in their ear and think they are a bit special. While I have been away they have been getting out of hand it is a good thing I am back to give them all a good talking to especially now I have my voice back.
After all I am the oldest and far the wiser..


Ted told them they had to mend their ways.

We knew as soon as we saw Janice’s photograph on her web site that I couldn’t go anywhere else than Wellfield Bears.
I knew I would be safe and receive a lot of TLC. How right I was, if I had been the Prince of Wales I couldn’t have received better treatment. Mind you I don’t think he is into Bears goes more for Dogs and plants

Before my trip to             This is me After my
Wellfield Bears                TLC & Make Over

I feel half my age so 'Thank You' Janice and Mike

From a grateful old bear Ted.

(Name and address supplied)

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